Login - MYOB AccountRight Live Connect

Choose the location of your MYOB AccountRight Live - local PC, network server, or online in the MYOB cloud. Connection settings for Connect are stored for each company file location. NEW 4.9.1


What is the MYOB AccountRight Live Login?

Synergy connect needs to advise the location of your MYOB AccountRight Live company file, and provide the login details for the company file. This information is required for Synergy to be able to transfer data across to MYOB.

MYOB AccountRight Live allows you to store your company file in three locations: Local computer, Network server, or in the MYOB cloud.

Click the image above to view the MYOB company file locations.

The MYOB company file user ID and password is entered to ensure only approved users can transfer Synergy data across to a MYOB file.

Why use the MYOB AccountRight Live Login?

Authenticate with your MYOB AccountRight Live company file to allow Connect to transfer your Synergy data across.

Login Process

The login process in Synergy Connect matches the login steps required when actually logging into a MYOB AccountRight Live file.

Tip: Having problems connecting to your MYOB company file in Synergy Connect? Try re-installing the MYOB API. This can be found in Start > All Programs > MYOB > Install AccountRight API. See more tips and tricks.

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